Breaking Into Disney World? - New Report says yes

Breaking Into Disney World? – New Report says yes

It was only a matter of time really. A new report from Disney has reported that they’ve seen break ins at their resorts/parks since the closure. Recently, an 18 year-old man was arrested for breaking into the park.


You might be thinking that he just wanted to wander, look at the attractions and just kinda hangout in the happiest place on earth. Eh, well no, actually he was there to steal valuables and resell them when the park reopened.

When he was apprehended, he admitted to just being there to try and steal some items to make some money off of it. He had tried to break into the park via the Avengers Campus which is currently under construction.

Understandable when considering how many people were furloughed at the park’s closures. For all we know he was a former employee or just knows someone who was.

Strange Times call for stranger measures

While the thought of wandering around a completely shut down Disney World sounds hauntingly cool (like seriously, Disney if you read this I also do photography and that sounds awesome.) It’s still not a very classy act to try and take advantage of a crisis.

While the parks are opting for a hopeful reopening in the mid months of June/July, that date is pretty tentative. Some companies like Cinemark are pretty hopeful to see that timeline, and have official plans in place.

Considering that Disney is also losing a ton of money, so much so that Netflix pass them, they may be more tentative than most. However, Disney also owns such a large part of the entertainment industry that they’ll ultimately come out of this on the other side.

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