Cinemark Reopening in July - Sean Gamble CEO shares optimistic plan

Cinemark Reopening in July – Sean Gamble CEO shares optimistic plan

You might be wondering, if some movies are still planning on an August release, why are movie theaters so sparse on details? Well luckily for you, Cinemark reopening in July is the official plan.

During a meeting with the CEO Sean Gamble, he said that the planned reopening date for theaters is July 1st. But before your blow the dust off of your Cinemark card, there are a few things to be aware of.

Gamble mentioned this during the conference call, in which he said that a big part of this hinges on the individual laws where Cinemark operates. So if they are prohibited from reopening in China or Germany, then they have to wait longer.

Along with that cautionary tale, there is a kernel of good news. Employees of Cinemark are being slated to be allowed to return to work around the beginning/mid June timeframe. They’d be brought back in to help clean, update and prepare all the major theaters for a heavier library of content.

Is this just for Cinemark? Luckily, no

Another ray of sunshine through this dark cloud is that the CEO of AMC theaters shared a roughly similar outlook. Touting that mid June was their expected return to relative normal times. Also sharing that they would be looking at a minimum of three months for things to return to average with movie theaters.

Certainly measures have to be considered in the next two months as they start to resume certain operations. We may see stricter guidelines on theater capacities and limited showtime runnings to account for flattening the curve until Fall. Time is the ultimate deciding factor in this plan, and right now we just have to wait and see.

What do you think of Sean Gamble’s predictions? Are you excited to see movie theaters open back up or do you think that we won’t see such a thing happen? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!