China Shuts Down Movie Theaters AGAIN

China Shuts Down Movie Theaters AGAIN

After the first reports and sightings of the coronavirus appeared in China, sending the country into lockdown and isolation. After many months of social distancing, it seemed like everything was starting to go back to normal and theaters around the country re-opened. But it was short-lived, as China has not shut all theaters down again, without an explanation.

While there hasn’t been an official reason given for why the shutdowns have happened, but the obvious reason is fear that re-opening the theaters would cause another explosion of cases. A second wave of cases is a big concern for a lot of countries as they continue to combat the current pandemic.

Many places that deal with large amounts of people attending, such as sporting arenas, theme parks, and more, had postponed their operations for a couple weeks when initially announced. Many of those deadlines have been extended since.

The re-opening of these kinds of locations is something many of us are looking forward to for signs getting back to some sense of normalcy. Theaters in China opening gave a lot of hope to not only their population, but people around the world. It has been a couple months since these theaters closed originally, and no one is sure how much longer they will have to wait on this one.

Many film companies and studios have decided to release new films on digital and streaming platforms for people to rent or buy while quarantined indoors. This way, an audience is able to see them in some way. Many other films have been pushed from their original release date, like upcoming comic book blockbusters Black Widow and Wonder Woman 1984.

China is going to continue to be the example that the rest of the world uses for comparison on how long it will take to get back to normal life. Of course, various factors can affect a country’s timeline, but China will be in the spotlight for some time to come.

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