Disney Theme Parks May be closed until 2021

Disney Theme Parks May be closed until 2021

Analysts that are paying attention to trends have new speculations as to when Disney will reopen. Unfortunately, for those that were hoping for some better news, it appears that parks will remain closed for longer.

New predictions for the park’s reopening dates are at the minimum, the first of the year in 2021. As the parks have currently completely shut down, indefinitely.

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Among numerous setbacks, Disney has been reporting straight losses over the last few weeks. Executive Bob Iger reported pay cuts and has been pretty vocal about the planned reopening. Stating that Disney parks will most likely see a massive shift in numbers and safety precautions.

Dire news certainly, but if anyone can make up the difference it will be Disney. Despite reporting a lot of losses, Disney has multiple streaming services under their belt and movie releases. Theaters may not be opening for a minimum of two months from now, but the MCU can make up the difference.

Despite this news, Disney has had no shortage of internal complaints about pay cuts and furloughs. Even some leading members of the Disney family have really been vocal about the treatment of employees.

Hopefully things improve a little bit as we move forward throughout the pandemic. Time is ultimately the only way to tell.

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