DIY Gardening - Vegetables that you should invest in

DIY Gardening – Vegetables that you should invest in

Gardening is something that a lot of people are taking up, and for good reason. Homegrown vegetables are a great way to boost your immune system AND develop a good hobby on the side.

There are plenty of benefits to starting your own garden hobby. Not the least of which is that it is simply something to do!


Rich in natural sugar, carrots are one of the best vegetables to grow. They can be used in a variety of ways for snacks, recipes, full dishes and side entrees.

Seriously, don’t sleep in growing carrots. On top of that, they do not require as much attention as some other veggies!


One of the easiest plants to grow is lettuce.

Grows quickly, can be planted just about anywhere and requires such very little precision to harvest. If you’re a big fan of salads and greens, lettuce is a great place to start.


If lettuce is easy because of its versatility, tomatoes are easy because of their rampancy.

Plant a stalk, ensure it gets plenty of sun rinse and repeat. Seriously, tomatoes require so little effort it’s kinda funny.


One of the easiest things about radishes is that they grow to full size in a span of 20 days. That’s it, and they’re a very versatile vegetable.

They marinade well, go well with greens and cold dishes etc.


While they aren’t as available and versatile as other veggies on this list, Pumpkins are still a great veggie to add to a garden.

They grow longer than most other vegetables. And the dishes that you can create are plentiful, just maybe a little more niche in terms of actual edibility.


There’s several reasons to go buy some seeds and give things a chance! It’ll help improve your stress, help you lose weight, increase your endorphins and improve your immune system!

And with a pandemic raging throughout the world, we all could use a little immunity boost!


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