DOLPHINS IN VENICE - The animals seem to be flourishing

DOLPHINS IN VENICE – The animals seem to be flourishing

There are several issues of people being stranded and some countries still under intense quarantine, yet something kind of miraculous happened. for the first time in years, dolphins returned to the rivers of Venice in Italy.

As coronavirus disabled many of everyone’s day-to-day lives in Italy, Venice’s canals are the clearest they’ve been in 60 years. Usually murky, cloudy and filled with boats and tourists, Venice canals weren’t much to look at.

Among all of the pictures of the canal sediment being gone, we see fishes and swans that have long been absent. The animals are just wandering without a care in the world, no longer hampered by anyone but themselves.

Lately they’re actually blue and much to everyone’s surprise, a visitor long thought gone from the waters appeared. A dolphin in the coast of Calgiari and later in Venice was seen swimming around quite happily.

Combined with the news that air pollution is down, waters are clearing, air is more breathable, this feels dystopian. There’s a magical sense of justice to it all in a way. Oceans, rivers, nature in general is reclaiming itself from man’s creations.

While it may be temporary, hopefully this reemergence of beauty inspires us to treat the planet better. Take this as a learning opportunity guys, there is a beauty in all things after all!

Hopefully the quarantine around the world dissipates fairly soon. Until it does, there are quite a few things to fill your time with!