Entertainment Roundup 01/24

Entertainment Roundup 01/24

So it looks like another month is coming to an end. While there are certainly outliers, we already covered a few of the bigger ones so we thought we’d round up some of the lesser known stories for you guys!



Everything gets a delay! It seems that legitimately everything that people were excited for in the gaming world had some sort of a set back this month.

From indie to AAA studios, numerous games this month including Cyberpunk 2077, were announced to be delayed from anywhere from a few months to indefinitely.

Not a fun month for gamers, especially since we didn’t really get any major releases. Slow month, and not exactly a fun month.

A friendly little PSA for those of you who do not know: the Half-Life games are free on Steam right now until the release of Alyx.

If you haven’t played these award winning and amazing games, this is your time to shine!



This month was not kind to movies either.

While we did get a release for the incredible 1917 and saw some hilarious awards speeches, the rest of the month has fallen on its face.

Dolittle, the somewhat hyped remake of the original, is currently sitting at a measly 30.3 million dollars worldwide. Less than 50% of its production budget.

Not exactly a huge win for Universal, which following Cats, you’d think that Universal would learn not to feature talking animals. 

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, is officially rated the lowest Star Wars in the saga’s history. Not exactly the happiest ending for Abrams and crew on the ultimate finale of the decade.

To make matters worse, when adjusting for inflation of course, RoS is also the lowest grossing Star Wars movie. Sitting at 1.03 billion worldwide at the time of writing. 

Awards Season Continues to Cause Stirs

The Oscars appears to be in full salty swing as Twitter is flooded with all the correct opinions about what movies deserved recognition.

While we’d love to turn this roundup into an anti-Oscars bait video, we already have one of those.

Perhaps the bright spot to all of this dour news, 1917 made a surprising amount of money for such a unique movie. Currently sitting at 147 million worldwide.

Which in conjunction with its numerous Oscar nods, 1917 may just be the film to look for.

And trust us folks, this movie needs to be experienced in a theater. 

And last but not least, Captain Marvel 2 was officially announced to be starting its production.

Whether or not you are a fan of the previous film, it definitely earned its stripes in domestic box office receipts. So prepare for another Brie Larson outing as the titular character sometime in 2021!



Toss a Coin, Maybe a Few Million of Them

TV shows certainly had a nice spotlight this month, which is definitely needed after a pretty controversial year in 2019.

While it did release in December a much deserved shoutout goes to The Witcher. Which seems to be the standout blowup title of the last month.

Over 75 million people tuned in to stream The Witcher on Netflix. Putting it well ahead of previous Netflix originals and guaranteeing the Season 2.

Speaking of Netflix, another standout that is starting to garner some much deserved buzz is You. No, not you you the show you. It’s a show called You.

It’s about a sociopath serial killer who stalks women and… You know this is not an easy show to sum up. It has been making the rounds and it is very well produced.


The Clone Wars season 7 finally announced it’s premiere date and showed off a pretty enticing trailer for the finale season.

Tying in the events between the original series ending and the events that happen in Revenge of the Sith. It might just be the shot in the arm that Star Wars needed after the sour taste that RoS seems to have left. 

Crisis on Infinite Earths came to a very satisfying conclusion and a huge surprise when DC finally played the multiverse hand. Featuring cameos from just about everyone that you could hope to see.

From Ezra Miller’s Flash confirming a DCEU multiverse, to John Constatine to even the Titans.

CoIE was a welcome conclusion for some characters and an exciting confirmation of something that comic book fans have wanted for decades.

Your move Marvel.

Well, that wraps up what we have for you guys today. As said in the beginning that we wanted to focus more on some stuff that we had not covered yet. If we missed anything or you’d like to see us cover more in the future be sure to let us know in the comments below. Subscribe to the channel and be sure to come back for more updates in the future.