QUIET PLACE RELEASE DELAYED - Among dwindling crowds, the horror sequel is suspended

FASHION INDUSTRY AND COVID – The effects of the pandemic on the Fashion Industry will be grueling

Amid all of the issues surrounding coronavirus, multiple delays and cancellations, many have forgotten about the fashion industry. Recently some news has come out from a few individuals that the industry itself is facing a crisis from all of this.

While the industry itself has yet to truly see a large decline in finances from this outbreak, they have seen dwindling support. Fashion events from all over the world were cancelled back to back when COVID showed no signs of slowing. Leading to panic among the designers that they could no longer get the traction that they needed.

However, this all changed when New York City declared a state of emergency earlier this month due to COVID. Being the fashion center of the world means that several designer studios and business shuttered up. Leading to several questions of what to do now.

Many did not want to believe the reality of it. Sadly, when one of the largest events was cancelled in Copenhagen that changed. 

the fashion industry and covid saw huge changes around Paris Fashion Week
Paris Fashion Week saw a huge decline in numbers when many cancelled trips

Fashion Industries rely on in-person exchange of ideas and visuals

You might be wondering where all of this is going, well it is pretty simple in the long run. Fashion buyers are dominantly done hand-to-hand, especially on higher end purchases. Meaning that while interaction is at an all time low, we’re going to see fashion industries across the world suffer. Sheena Sood, a designer, summed it up rather well.

“Buyers need to be able to see the quality, fit, and fabrications of the garments in real life, by trying them on or seeing them on a model. Typically designers show at Paris market to meet new contacts every season, but many of the international buyers canceled their trips. It also appears as though even some buyers who did attend New York and Paris markets aren’t placing orders this season because of how badly coronavirus has already affected the traffic at their stores particularly in Asia.”

Sheena Sood

Stark news indeed for the Fashion industry around the world. Hopefully as things continue to become more apparent to world leaders, we’ll see stronger containment efforts. 

What do you make of this? Do you think that people are overreacting and we’ll see a decline in case sooner than later? Or is there real concern that people need to start paying attention to? Be sure to let us know and stay updated here at Scoophash as things adjust.