Fists of Fury! A Domination of a Fight

Fists of Fury! A Domination of a Fight

It’s all over folks! The Fury V. Wilder fight is all over, and it was a fantastic fight!

There was definitively less competition than the last time these two legends threw down. Last time ended at the wire, with the two fighters going neck and neck until the end.

This time, eh not so much.

While Wilder did put up a pretty good fight in the first two rounds, Fury absolutely dominated him in the end.

Credit to ESPN for the Image

While Wilder stayed in the fight with his percentage, as you can see, Fury decimated in al other categories!

If you had money on Wilder, well I do feel sorry for ya. However, the clear winner is here. By TKO7, fury is the champ!

This makes Fury not only undefeated but also sees him seizing the belt for WBC and retains his heavyweight status!

Hell of a fight guys!