Fred Willard, Star of 'Modern Family', Has Passed Away

Fred Willard, Star of ‘Modern Family’, Has Passed Away

We’ll miss you Hank…

Another beloved celebrity has sadly passed away today in 2020. Fred Willard, who starred in productions like; Modern Family, Best in Show, WALL-E and The Mighty Wind. Willard was a master of the subtle and dry humor that his roles demanded.

His daughter shared the heartbreaking news with fans earlier today that her father had passed away. Hope Willard stated that he would be sorely missed, a sentiment that his fans surely share with her.

Recently Willard had even starred in Steve Carrel’s Netflix Comedy, Space Farce. In which he played the father to Steve’s character. He was nominated for an Emmy four separate times; three times for Everybody Loves Raymond. And a fourth time for his role in Modern Family.

Michael McKean, who co-starred/wrote with Willard on several occasions also voiced his heartbreak on Twitter.

Surely, comedy has lost one of it’s best masters of dry humor and subtle wit. Fred Willard was a masterclass in timing, writing and sentimentality. His presence both on and off screen will be sorely missed forever.

He is survived and remembered by his two children, Hope and Mitch. As well as his grandson, Freddie. Sadly, Mary Willard, his wife, passed away in 2018.

Rest in peace Fred, you will be sorely missed.