Hacks to Quickly Reach Customer Service

Hacks to Quickly Reach Customer Service

Have you ever been conned by a company with its defective product and then get a long hold time from a customer service representative?

Here are some hacks that will help you to quickly reach customer service.

When your call gets connected then immediately ask to speak to a supervisor instead of the representative. By doing this, it will indicate that you mean business and will get you service faster.

Early calling is the best way to get customer services on the phone. A report says that 7 AM Eastern is the best time to call.

You can mail your issue to the company’s address plus copy the mail to the CEO; it is definitely going to be helpful as they will reach you faster.

Some Apps like GetHuman and FastCustomer allows you to search for the direct phone number.

Stay polite as abusiveness may even worsen the situation, but sometimes getting angry can solve your problem.

Social Media like Facebook and Twitter are also the option to contact the company; messages on social media get a faster reply. They are very concerned about their reputation on such platforms and look forward to hearing from people with positive not negative feedback on these platforms.