HOLY BATMOBILE BATMAN! That's one sexy ride!

HOLY BATMOBILE BATMAN! That’s one sexy ride!

Earlier today we got one awesome reveal from Matt Reeves, the director of The Batman, and it was the new batmobile. Every Batman has had an iconic ride of numerous sorts, and this looks plenty new!


That is seriously one cool as hell looking new ride for the Dark Knight! Looking like a mix between the classic Batmobile from Adam West, and a muscle car of modern day. This looks exactly like something that a fledgling Batman would be constructing in his Batcave for future use.

Plus, look at that freaking Batsuit! Yeah, I think that might be one of the best looking Batsuits that we’ve had in any cinematic medium!

Matt Reeves has been very vocal about updates on the film. And with his storied history with amazing visuals and badass storytelling, he absolutely has a high vote of confidence from the fans.

There has been no small amount of praise from behind the scenes of The Batman’s tone as well. Several insiders have been praising Matt Reeve’s vision.

His vision does look pretty awesome. Batman looks like a mix between the armor from Arkham Origins and the tactical usage seen in Christopher Nolan’s films. The way that Reeves is blending this idea of new and old really feels like something that Batman really needed after Affleck’s outing.

The Batman is slated to release in June of 2021, and we are extremely excited!