Jhene Aiko Climbing to the Top of R&B Stardom

Jhene Aiko Climbing to the Top of R&B Stardom

The R&B word is getting a new icon as Jhene Aiko continues to rise with the debut of their third studio album, Chilombo.

The hotly-anticipated album grew buzz around its three single, which drew in 500 million streams and listens. These singles include “Triggered”, which was certified platinum, and “None Of Your Concern”, which features Big Sean and “Pu$$y Fairy (OTW)”. Other collaborations on the album include Future, Miguel, Nas, Big Sean, John Legend and Ty Dolla $Ign.


Along with the album’s release, the artist has announced a huge North American tour, starting on May 1st in Boston. Called “The Magic Hour Tour”, tickets for the 33-date tour are on sale now.

Aiko spent time in Hawaii, the birthplace of her great great-gradnmother, to make the album, where she was also influenced by the sheer force and intimidation of nature there: ““In a sense, I am like a volcano, and this album is an eruption,” she explained to Billboard last week”… And then it settled – and it became this beautiful land where there’s new life.”


Each one of the 20 songs on the album began as a freestyle jam by Aiko, who then gave the song shape and production with the help of her producers, including the Lejkeys, and her longtime collaborators, Fisticuffs. Working with the artists featured on the album also helped give the songs the shape they are in now.

Discovering this newfound confidence and voracity in herself, Aiko used her full name, Jhené Aiko Efuru Chilombo, to help name the album. As she explained to Billboard: “Chilombo is a word that means ‘wild beast’ – they’re strong, confident and graceful…Beasts are also beautiful.”

Chilombo is available now.