Microsoft Adapting Cloud Software For Medical Usage

Microsoft Adapting Cloud Software For Medical Usage

Reach for the Sky

While they may be known for being at the forefront of gaming and AI technology, Microsoft made a surprise announcement. They’ve been steadily updating and increasing the reliance on cloud computing. Now, they want to bring that innovation to assist the Medical Industry.

The service/software will be a package that includes all of the latest and updated versions of their cloud software. Aptly named ‘Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare’, it will allow patients and doctors to stay connected.

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An example given is this: Suppose that you have questions pertaining to your diagnosis or a prescription of some sort. A chatbot designed by healthcare professionals, will assist you in answering questions if the doctor is unavailable.

Which also means that the data collected in order to ease the process, will be available to your doctor. Making appointments and visits much easier to plan and much less painful to endure.

Microsoft is hoping to implement this service full scale after it launches a free trial later this month. Once they gather all of the feedback and determine the best way forward, they can implement it on a grand scale.

Obviously it does raise some questions about individual privacy and collection of data. While Microsoft is ensuring the safety of the cloud program, it will only be a matter of time before a decision is made. We shall just have to wait and see what the net result of this venture will be.


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