More Than 100,000 People RECOVERED From Coronavirus

More Than 100,000 People RECOVERED From Coronavirus

During the current pandemic, it’s easy to lose focus on the good and hopeful news going on about the coronavirus. Data shows that more than 100,000 people have recovered from the virus since its first outbreak in December.

To put that in perspective, there have been more than 350,000 confirmed cases around the world and 15,000 deaths as a result of the virus. In China alone, there have been more than 81,000 confirmed cases with 72,000 recoveries and 3,200 deaths. Nearly 60,000 recoveries have been made in Hubei Province of China, where the outbreak is believed to have originated.

While Italy has had more than 5,400 deaths – the most of any country – it has also seen more than 7,000 recoveries with over 59,000 cases.

The U.S. has had more than 35,000 confirmed cases with 470 deaths and nearly 200 recoveries.

While the impact of the disease can differ person-to-person, the CDC and WHO say that adults aged 65 and older, and anyone with serious underlying medical conditions like heart disease or diabetes, might be at a higher risk for severe illness.

But for the majority of people who are infected, the virus brings only mild to moderate symptoms, like a cough and fever.

WHO also states that those who experience mild symptoms usually recover in about two weeks, while those with harsher symptoms could take up to six.

They do warn that young people can still be at risk for more severe illnesses from the virus and to continue using caution and social distancing.

It’s easy to lose sight of the positives when we hear so many stories about the virus, but there are some things to give us some hope. Not only are the number of recoveries going to go up and the recovery rate going to be high, several countries are starting to come out on the back-end of their outbreaks. We just have to continue to be patient and practice social distancing to help stop the spread.

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