MOVIES ON DEMAND EARLY - Universal Studios is attempting to make up

MOVIES ON DEMAND EARLY – Universal Studios is attempting to make up

After several delays, numerous productions being put on hold and a few actors being confirmed to have Coronavirus, things have slowed. Disney recently released some movies early onto their Disney+ streaming service and now Universal has the same idea.

Several of their films will be coming to an on-demand service over the course of this month.

Good news for those of us who will be staying inside for most of the next two or three weeks! Because we are in desperate need of something to watch!

Universal has quite a few films that are being put on the back burner, and they are one of many studios shutting down. Coronavirus concerns are going to have a lasting impact on several film projects, with exception obviously.

Movies like Troll got a sort of surprise announcement. The film is still slated for an April theater release, and it will come out to stream on the same day. Definitely a smart move considering the current state of box office projections for Spring and early Summer movies.

On top of all this news, Disney+ recently added Frozen II and Rise of Skywalker ahead of their scheduled release dates. Seems like there is no shortage of new stuff to enjoy over the course of this quarantine! So snuggle up and leave us a comment on which movies you’re most excited to revisit!