Parasite is Available to Stream Right Now!

One of the best films of last year and Oscar winner of Best Picture, Parasite is now available to stream from your own home! So fire up Hulu and watch one of 2019’s best movies!


The fantastic new film from director Bong Joon Ho is now on Hulu. If you were running out of things to watch, or have already gone through other lists on similar topics, then Parasite is perfect!

Not only did Parasite win multiple Oscars at last year’s awards ceremony, but it also garnered international acclaim for its execution. Ranking director Bong Joon Ho up there with some of the greatest filmmakers for his attention to his craft.

Possessing a fairly long run time and full of amazing moments that will go down in film history, Parasite is one of the best films in 10 years.



Arguably, Parasite is a modern fairy tale, with the moral being about honesty and poor VS the rich. It’s disturbingly real, deeply affecting and masterfully tense. The way that the story plays into everything in ways that you least expect it to happen is amazing. 

Not to mention the absolutely phenomenal acting, insane level of detail poured into every shot and the mesmerizing visuals. Seriously, this movie is ridiculously pretty to watch!

Have yet to watch Parasite, then now is your chance! You won’t mind reading subtitles for two hours when a movie is this confidently created, trust us! Parasite is well worth every millisecond of its runtime!