Ryan Newman Update: He's Awake

Ryan Newman Update: He’s Awake

After a horrific crash this last Monday at the Daytona 500, Ryan Newman was taken to a hospital.

The crash saw Newman making multiple spins and ending up on the roof of his car before coming to a stop.

While there was very little info concerning his condition at the time of the crash, we finally have an update. It appears that the roll cage on the car did its job as Newman is awake and speaking.

While many would probably hope to hear from the man himself in terms of his condition and thoughts, they’ll have to wait. Newman is awake yes, but he still has to recover before he gets flooded with press.

His family is still staying at the hospital to see him through it. It does say a lot about the increase in safety that this horrific of a crash was not fatal.

We’re happy for Newman and glad to see that he is recovering well!


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