Sebastian Joseph-Day donates $10,000 to Medical Team

Sebastian Joseph-Day donates $10,000 to Medical Team

One of the players for The Rams made a very humanitarian donation earlier. Donating 10K to the Ceders-Sinai Medical Care team.

Joseph-Day is more well connected to COVID the initial glance might appear. He’s the son of a father who works as a chief engineer for Trump’s businesses and his mother is an elderly caretaker. Both have seen firsthand some of the effects that either the administration has inflicted or the illness has.

He made the decision after watching a video of one of New York’s hospitals overwhelmed with patients. The hospital in question was having to reuse equipment, prompting higher risks of contamination as well as missing ventilators.
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His $10,000 donation will go towards funding prepared meals for the medical team that is having to work long hours. The money itself will pay for roughly 250 of said meals, helping ensure the medical team is able to hang in there.

It takes a strong person to dedicate their lives to fighting something they do not understand, and having someone like Day watching your back is great. It shows how we’ve been able to come together as a species to fight back against this pandemic.

As some states and countries prepare to reopen we have to bear in mind that some places still need help. Something that we need people like Day to remind us of so that we can help as best we can!

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