Secondhand Alcohol Consumption Is More Dangerous

Secondhand Alcohol Consumption Is More Dangerous

Recent research recommends that the secondhand impacts of Alcohol Consumption are the cause of genuine damage.

A report by Gizmodo says that one out of five Americans are hurt by another person’s drinking annually,

In the latest report by the World Health Organization, it was found that directly drinking alcohol turn to over 5% of all deaths worldwide in 2016. These alcohol-related deaths happen due to car accidents, ODs, liver cancer, and other chronic diseases.

Karriker-Jaffe, who works at the institute’s Alcohol Research Group, has obtained many reports on harm caused by secondhand drinking in the U.S. and these reports came up with a result which is compiled from all the data collected.

Karriker and her team concluded on that basis that 21% of women and 23% of men in the U.S. had undergone with some form of harm from secondhand alcohol.

Be it direct consumption or secondhand consumption of alcohol, over one in 20 died due to alcohol worldwide.