SIX PEOPLE SHOT -DC barbershop offense leaves injuries

SIX PEOPLE SHOT -DC barbershop offense leaves injuries

Earlier Friday night, a group of three gunmen came into a barbershop in northeast DC and opened fire. There were ten people inside the shop at the time including a five year old child. Of those ten, six people were shot in DC.

Reportedly there were no fatalities, one patron was hurried off for surgery but is supposedly stable and recovering. Of the six people shot, there seems to be no immediate cause for concern outside of the obvious.

Luckily all the injuries are treatable, the five year old only suffered a minor leg wound which should heal well. Officers are still trying to determine the cause and perpetrators but have released photos of the believed vehicle.

Certainly a terrifying ordeal for all those involved, especially when in relative safety of something like a barbershop. While details remain sparse, we just have to hope that those responsible are caught.

We’re just glad to hear and see that all the victims involved are recovering and in non-life threatening conditions.