Some 'Facts' We Learn In Childhood Aren't True

Some ‘Facts’ We Learn In Childhood Aren’t True

Some ‘Facts’ We Learn In Childhood Aren’t True

Since childhood, we had learned about many things related to nutrition, which weren’t based on science or have been revised in recent years.

Some pieces of information like diet advice we gained was just savvy marketing from advertisers and food companies.

Here are some ‘facts’ of healthy eating which are not true.

We always knew that Low-fat products were better than having high-fat products, but it’s not true at all. A doctor wrote in his book that eating less fat can actually increase your weight. People who avoid fat tend to eat more sugar which leads to weight gain.

One should “drink eight glasses of water in a day” to keep your body healthy is also a myth. Truth is, you should drink, only when you are thirsty.

Since childhood, we were taught that “Eat breakfast like a king”, breakfast was the most important meal of the day. Well, It’s not 100% true; nutritionists advise eating something in first 2-3 waking hours of the day. It will keep you away from craving.