Star Wars Day – Celebrate May 4th With These 5 Selections!

Star Wars Day is upon us! There is no small amount of media and cinematic experiences when it comes to the historic SciFi franchise. But, which one’s stand head and shoulders above the rest as the best offerings of the Franchise?

Battlefront II

Admittedly, this game had one of the rockiest starts in gaming history but it also had one of the greatest comebacks in gaming history.

Featuring a huge roster of characters with massive amounts of customization. Stellar graphic prowess that shows off the best of Frostbite’s capabilities. An absolutely insane attention to detail with sounds and modeling.

Battlefront is the ultimate playground for Star Wars fans, and an easy recommendation for anyone.

The Clone Wars – 2008 Series

We have had no shortage of praise for this animated epic. With not only the best story telling that Star Wars has ever seen but also full of incredible moments of action and intrigue as well.

Clone Wars can be incredibly dark and daunting at first, only to have nothing but fun in the next episode. Also, since it’s an anthology series, you can pretty much just jump in wherever you want to and be just fine.

Word of advice however, if you are thinking of jumping in feet first, start at season 3 or 4. But any of the seasons after that are significantly better having watched earlier episodes.

Episodes IV – VI

The original Star Wars trilogy has managed to stand the test of time for decades, which is impressive all on its own right.

Full of great filmmaking moments, breakthroughs in CGI technology, incredible music, great characters etc. With characters as iconic and long lasting as Darth Vader, Obi Wan, Luke Skywalker and Han Solo, these movies will never get old.

Jedi: Fallen Order

One of the biggest surprises of last year was the standout video game from Respawn Entertainment. Focusing on a completely new story and characters, the game took players back to the days when Star Wars was new.

Helped along by the fact that the game was intense and difficult which forced players to adopt more strategies. Additionally the creation of the amazing character Cal bolstered an already strong story full of amazing moments.

Episodes I – III

We’ll admit, the prequels have some good moments, but they ultimately do fall a little flat in some areas. Especially when you see how well handled some elements were in the newer movies, rewatching the prequels can be painful.

That being said, the story is fantastic, the action is incredible, the CGI is amazing and the music is second to none.


That’s our picks for the best ways to celebrate May 4th! There are definittely a lot more choices out there then the ones that we were able to get to in this list. So get out there and explore what the vast universe of Star Wars has to offer!

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