Star Wars Project Maverick game seems to have leaked on PSN

Star Wars Project Maverick game seems to have leaked on PSN

The Force Is Strong with This Leak

Earlier today a strange leak was found on the European PlayStation Network, code name Star Wars: Project Maverick.

Before you think “eh, grain of salt, it’s just a leak”. this was found by the same bot who leaked the Resident Evil 3 remake. Which was found the same way, via PSN. So there is a little bit of credibility to this one.

Due to the image being a group of X-Wings flying towards a Star Destroyer, there is speculation that we could be seeing a dog fighting game. Much like games in the past like Naboo Starfighter, TIE Fighter VS X-Wing etc.

Earlier this last month, there was news how EA had cancelled a Star Wars game called ‘Project Viking‘. Immediately following that statement, they tried to qualm the masses by saying there was still a smaller Star Wars project in the mix. Could that smaller project be Maverick?

Not exactly a banner year for Star Wars games

It would certainly be welcome news if this was the case. Considering the rough life that Star Wars games have had this last year. There were some notable bright spots in the mix, but after numerous cancellations this news will be welcome.

Star Wars Project Maverick could be another win for Star Wars, much like Fallen Order
Behind the Scenes of Fallen Order’s Success

Star Wars in general has had quite a rough go of it this year. Rise of Skywalker opened up even more controversy than The Last Jedi among fans. Fallen Order was universally hailed as amazing, but after all the cancellations people were still vitriolic. Battlefront II, the first AAA Star Wars game release after Disney’s acquisition, did not get off a on a good foot.

Overall, while it can be easy to jump up and start coming up with wild theories as to what exactly Star Wars Project Maverick could be… Well we have no way of knowing, and probably won’t until around E3.

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