Stephen Bing, Film Producer and Political Activist, Dead From Suicide

Political activist and film producer, Stephen Bing, has passed away after jumping from a building. He was not known for being in front of the camera, but he was a force behind the scenes, as well as politically.

Details about his death are scarce but reports say he died after jumping from a building in Century City, California around 1 P.M. yesterday afternoon.The authorities have yet to confirm that the person as Bing, but the description matches him and it appears that others who knew him were told, as they have begun to post about his death.

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Elizabeth Hurley, who Bing has an 18-year old son with, posted about his passing:

Stephen Bing began his career in the mid-1980’s in Hollywood. He helped develop the characters for the Chuck Norris series, Missing in Action, also writing the first sequel in the series.

He primarily worked as a producer and financier, also serving as the chairman for Shangri-La Entertainment which helped finance The Polar Express and Beowulf. He also produced the Rolling Stones concert movie, Shine a Light. Mick Jagger posted his own remembrance of Bing:

Bing was an active politically, donating freely to the Democratic party. When Bill Clinton negotiated the release of a pair of American citizens in 2009, Bing provided the plane that was used and reportedly covered the cost of the trip.

He may not have been a public figure like the people who starred in the movies he worked on, but the amount of people showing their feelings for him show how much he impacted the world. He obviously had a positive impact on so many people. Our thoughts and condolences go out to his friends and family.

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