THE REGGINATOR IS BACK - Reggie Fils-Aime has joined Gamestop

THE REGGINATOR IS BACK – Reggie Fils-Aime has joined Gamestop

Formerly the president of Nintendo, Reggie has become industry known for his enthusiasm and hard work on making Nintendo profitable again.

It seems that now he has turned his eyes on a new project, assisting Gamestop in their time of need.

Seeking to guide the wayward video game reseller back to profitability, Reggie has been hired along with two new board members. If anyone can get things back on track, it would be this guy.

Second to Reggie’s hiring is the CEO of PetSmart J.K. Symancyk and veteran business executive, Bill Simon. Three different masters of the craft seeking to aid Gamestop in their time of most dire need.

“They are each highly qualified and bring significant, relevant experience to our turnaround, We look forward to immediately benefiting from their expertise and perspectives as we navigate the evolving gaming and retail environments, execute on our strategic initiatives and prepare the Company to maximize value-creation associated with the next generation of console launches later this year.”

George Sherman, Gamestop Chief Executive

Hopefully this signals a good turnaround for the struggling stores. Gamestop has not had a good go of things for the last few years. Failing to turn profits at every turn for the last few years, falling behind retailers like Amazon and digital marketplaces. 

Interest in Gamestop is the epitome of peaks and valleys, hopefully Reggie Fils Aime can rectify it

With an increase in digital sales, lower counts of customers due to COVID-19 outbreaks, things will not be easy. Gamestop, hang in there, we’re rooting for ya!