Top 10 TV Shows to Keep You Laughing in Quarantine

Times we are weird right now; we all know that.

And while things are certainly a little overwhelming right now, it is good to find the times to laugh and enjoy ourselves. Thankfully, in this world of streaming services, there are plenty of things to make us laugh.

Today, we want to give you the ten shows we think you should watch right now to make you laugh until tears roll down your face.

Arrested Development

We have to start with this show.

A somewhat cult classic that lasted for three seasons before being revived by Netflix for two more in the recent years, this show is about as perfectly written as you can get. There are jokes that don’t pay off for several episodes, gags that run for seasons, and actors who are playing their characters to perfection.

We cannot stress how funny this show is once you get into the swing of it; we still can re-watch it several times and laugh as hard as we did the first time.

The Office

One of the greatest sitcoms ever created is still available on Netflix, which means that if you haven’t watched it yet, this is the perfect time to do so!

A mockumentary series about the average life of office workers was really the starting point for Steve Carrell’s career, and with good reason. For the first seven seasons, Steve Carrell’s Michael Scott is absolutely cringey, awkward, and lovable. But the supporting cast is what make this show, truly. They carry the show and their relationships and interactions really make you care about them.

Plus, the show is flat-out hilarious in so many ways.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

We can’t wait to see these guys make an episode related to what’s going on now.

This show is genius. The lives of five of the worst people you can think of has never gotten old. Each actor is so good in what they do, but Danny DeVito is an absolute standout as Frank Reynolds.

There really isn’t much more to say about this show; watch it, you won’t be disappointed that you did!

South Park

Somehow, this show is over 20 seasons into its run, and it is possibly coming off its best season yet.

The raunchy lives of four boys growing up in Colorado is a blast. Matt Stone and Trey Parker know exactly how to satirize, poke fun at, and mock anything. While you laugh, you will also somehow get a new perspective on a situation. That’s what makes this show so funny: it’s just real. It gets the absurdity in every situation and makes fun of it.

It’s something we could all use a little dose of right now.


Come on, this show is a classic!

We are not usually ones for the whole laugh-track-style of sitcom, but this show really is worth the hype it gets. Watching these six characters navigate life, love, and Thanksgiving football games is nothing short of wonderful. Again, the show finds the right moments to get real and deal with the emotional parts of life.

With a reunion special in the works, why not watch the whole series to get ready?

Bojack Horseman

Man, this show is a monumental feat of what animation can be.

This show does just about everything, and it does it perfectly. It is both hilarious, gut-wrenching, and intelligent. You watch a main character who continues to make mistakes, but you feel for him. It shows how human we all are, and how little forgiveness there is left in the world. It does not condemn either side, but shows us the complexity of being human and lets you decide what you feel about it.

Watch this show, please.


The show that caused us to develop a small crush on Zach Braff.

The story of a group of young aspiring doctors going through residency into realizing their dreams is wacky, dumb, and amazing. The inner-monologue of Braff’s JD that permeates through every episode brings a great bridge to connect the viewer and the characters, and while the show is always willing to pull of a ridiculous joke, it never does so at the detriment of the story. No to mention the soundtrack is superb.

We can just pretend that spin-off season never happened.


Another semi-cult classic deserves every bit of your attention.

While The Simpsons will always be Matt Groening’s most well-known creation, Futurama might be his best, at least in terms of consistent quality. The story of a young man who accidentally freezes him into the future is full of crazy characters with their own unique charm, and it is another comedy that deftly balances busting your gut before hitting you with genuine emotion.

The show gave us Zoidberg, who is worth the watch alone.


The Dan Harmon classic before Rick and Morty wasn’t watched much when it first released, which is a real shame because it is pure joy. The lives of various characters navigating the world of community college is laugh-out-loud funny. We don’t know how it was able to pull off the kind of feats that it did, and still deliver the solid comedic timing that it was known for, but it did.

The show is also FINALLY coming to Netflix in April, so get ready to dive into the world of Greendale Community College.

Parks and Recreation

Coming off the success of The Office, this show followed the same mockumentary format, this time about local government and the people who populate that office.

Amy Poehler is perfect as Leslie Knope, Chris Pratt rose to fame as Andy Dwyer, but really, the best one is Nick Offerman as Ron Swanson. We have never seen a character that played so straight and serious be so funny. He steals every scene he is in and leaves us all gasping for air. Again, all the characters are so perfectly portrayed that you can’t help but feel for all of them.

Pawnee, Indiana is a hilarious place to escape to right now.

We know that things are kind of dark right now with a lot of bad news circulating around, but that doesn’t mean we have to stay in it.

We hope these shows bring you as much joy as they’ve brought us. Take the time to laugh and find the joy in the little things. With that, and each other, we can get through this.

Be sure to stay safe, be smart, and for all your entertainment news, stay tuned here at ScoopHash.