Trump Considering Hazard Pay for Healthcare Workers

Trump Considering Hazard Pay for Healthcare Workers

President Trump has said he is considering giving public healthcare workers hazard pay for their work during the coronavirus pandemic.

A Fox & Friends viewer asked the president about the workers who might not be qualified for the personal checks being sent out as part of the recent stimulus bill. She questioned if they should deserve hazard pay, additional money for performing dangerous tasks and jobs.

“We are looking at that and we’re looking at that as an amendment or something,” the president responded.

He also mentioned that the administration is asking hospitals to consider bonuses for their employees.

Trump went on to praise these workers, saying they are “really brave people” and “warriors in a sense.”

Steve Mnuchin, the Treasury Secretary, also supported the idea of hazard pay, saying, “I think I agree with the president, I think that makes a lot of sense.”

He did, however, note that the negotiation team is not currently working on a fourth package, but is still working on implementing programs included in this last bill.

Healthcare workers have been the focus of a lot of stories surrounding the current pandemic. A lot of support and positivity has been directed the way of these brave workers who are treating those affected by the virus, many of which without the proper equipment. We hope the administration finds some way to give these people the much-deserved boost in pay.

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