Tupac is Still Alive? According to Filmmaker Rick Boss, Yes

Tupac is Still Alive? According to Filmmaker Rick Boss, Yes

Scheduled for a release sometime in 2021, Rick Boss has penned a screenplay for a film exploring the possibility of Tupac Shakur actually being alive.

Now normally, this is the part where we’d explain the impossibility or the controversy surrounding it. However, this film has flown under the radar and we wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve never heard this.

In Rick Boss’s screenplay, he wants to explore the possibility of Tupac learning of the plot to kill him. Tupac hires a body double, and he escapes off to Mexico under the protection of Navajo tribes.

Now, obviously this is a bold claim to make, and this is where things may get messy for Boss.

He says that he has received information from close friends and family circles who attest to Tupac having achieved this. Unfortunately this also means that scrutiny into his claims will lead nowhere as its basically just word of mouth.

Conspiracy theories about Tupac surviving have been around since his untimely death in 2002. While nothing was every truly drummed up, it is an interesting idea to explore. So long as it is handled respectfully.


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