Vaping Study Finds Link to LUNG Illness - Uncertainty Still Abounds

Vaping Study Finds Link to LUNG Illness – Uncertainty Still Abounds

Most of us had probably written off most forms of vaping as a concern. After all, most of us had yet to really see any proper research come off the topic in question. Now, there may be something a little stronger to go on.

Recently, a study was conducted to see if there could be any links between the novel Coronavirus and Vaping. Reason behind the study came when a group of medical professionals could not determine why a healthy young man got hit so hard by COVID. All signs pointed to the fact that he should not be getting such an extreme reaction to the disease, so they thought outside the box.

Turns out, he didn’t vape

Luckily for the young man in question, or unluckily dependent on the point of view, he had no reason to be concerned. He didn’t vape, assuming he was telling the truth about it of course. However, that led to the concluding idea that the reason we saw some young adults dying from COVID was from weaker lungs.

Vaping isn’t nearly as detrimental to health as something like smoking cigarettes or marijuana. That does not mean there is zero harm in the activity. Sadly, because of how new the technology is, medical professionals cannot really say for sure what the bottom line is for this study.

Because you can vape things like nicotine and oil, there’s a strong concern that younger generations will have weaker lungs. And when you combine that reality with the fact that we’re currently in the apex of an epidemic, that’s a huge concern right now.

Medicare Doesn’t Care

There’s been a pretty vocal conversation about the effectiveness of things like the CARES Act or the current state of Medicare. But, what does it matter when you’re damaging your body in a way that things like Medicare will not cover?

You’re voluntarily damaging your lungs and immune system by doing these things. While the science may still be evolving and new things are being learned every day, there’s still that underlying concern. You’re doing it to yourself, and there is no current bailout to save you from that fallout.


Right now, it’s too early to say what the long term effects of vaping will be. There is a concern among medical professionals that a 2 year from now COVID could decimate younger generations of people. After news came out that Marijuana is a horrible combative process to COVID, you’d think people would listen.


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