Verizon Announces Plan to Keep Customers Connected

Verizon Announces Plan to Keep Customers Connected

COVID has thrown a lot of things into the gutter with no regard. Verizon however, is aiming to help out its customers as much as they can! Both Verizon and Comcast have announced that they’ll be assisting customers who need more time to come up with money until June.

Essentially, these big name companies are extending both the mercy rule for late fees and also giving no cancellations.

Earlier in March this decision on policies was made after the pandemic saw over 16 million people put out of work. And as the unemployment rate continued to climb, tech companies saw no benefit in punishing people as well.

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Ironically enough, this news comes mere hours after a post on Reddit starting going viral in protest of Comcast. Earlier last year Comcast was able to pass a bill through the Surpreme Court that allowed them to institute data caps. Effectively slowing down your interent at will, citing that they would see crashes in service if they didn’t. Well, Comcast removed the data caps when the pandemic got bigger and bigger.

Fancy That: Comcast’s Network Holding Up Fine Without Usage Caps from r/technology

What happened? Well, nothing. After Comcast removed the data caps and people have been using internet in an increased amount of over 300%, nothing has crashed. There have been no unknown slowdowns, and now people are pretty upset.

Nonetheless, good on these big companies for helping out people that cannot afford these basic necessities right now. It shows a lot of maturity to put your customers before the money.


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