What Does Alkaline Water Actually Do?

What Does Alkaline Water Actually Do?

Have you heard about “supercharged” water or what it actually does or how it tastes? Business Insider reports that these waters generally contain electrolytes or are ionized to increase its pH level.

Alkaline water or water with higher pH helps to boost cardiovascular function and also preserve more liquids in the body, which re-hydrate your body more than normal water.

Alkaline waters are mostly prepared at a pH level of 9.5 which is less acidic than regular tap water. Tap water becomes acidic from chemicals and heavy metals in it.

Then electrolytes like calcium chloride and sodium bicarbonate are blended with water and then the process of ionization begins to bring it at a pH level of 9.5.

A company that manufactures ionized alkaline water called Essentia has made sales of $196 million in 2018.