Woman makes Bacon out of... Carrots? - Tabitha Brown finds success in unprecedented response

Woman makes Bacon out of… Carrots? – Tabitha Brown finds success in unprecedented response

What do you get when you combine a loved meat product but replace it with healthy vegetables? Well, if you’re TikTok star Tabitha Brown, you get famous!
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@iamtabithabrownCarrot bacon❤️ ##tabithabrown ##veganbacon♬ original sound – iamtabithabrown

After this video went viral, many people jumped up and down in the comments that they hoped she’d get an offer from someone. Well, turns out that the Creative Artists Agency did just that!

The CAA reached out to Brown following the update, wherein Brown earned more than 1,000,000 followers in a day! Brown was definitely ecstatic about the offer and was very vocal in how happy she was with the response.

I’ve specifically prayed for this day for about 15 years! When I first moved to Los Angeles I use to work at Macy’s in Century City. On my lunch breaks, I would sometimes walk the block and pass CAA and just say out loud ‘One day Lord’.”

Certainly a great response goes a long way, and her Carrot Bacon video is now sitting at more than 13 million views. That’s no small number, especially among TikTok fans!

We certainly are happy to see her get this amazing response from CAA! Hopefully whatever deal she signed onto will see more creative recipes coming down the pipeline for Tabitha and her new fanbase!

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