5 Scary True Stories That Will Start You Down the Rabbit Hole

Sometimes real life really is far more frightening than anything fictional. That may seem like a cliche to most of you, but there are some truly frightening things out there in the real world. Today we’re gonna discuss the more conspiratorial and supernatural instances that people have documented.

So, here are our 5 short picks for some of the scariest stories from around the world that really happened.


The Philadelphia Experiment – 1943

In the early days of WWII, the US was toying around with various different technologies to give them a warfare edge. Against the Third Reich, which had amassed some of the most advanced technicians on the planet.

Story goes that a crew and a ship, called the USS Eldridge, vanished from sight only to reappear somewhere else. Docked in the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard, the Eldridge was undergoing various different forms of testing. At some point, witnesses claim to have seen a flash of blue light, only for the ship to completely vanish.

Later appearing in similar circumstances on Norfolk, Virginia, over 200 miles away. Men and witnesses reported a strange smell and something far more horrifying. Men had become fused to the ship. Embedded in bulkheads, steel girders and portholes. Something had gone horribly wrong.

Is any of it true? I guess it depends on who you believe.


MK Ultra – 1953

Was the alleged CIA Mind Control Program actually a real thing? Yes, it truly was, and it ruined some people’s lives.

What was the purpose of MKUltra? Essentially the brief version of it goes like this: How much abuse can a human brian take before it either becomes irreparable or subject to influence from specific people. Mind Control, in the most medieval sense of the word.

Officially sanctioned in 1953, MKUltra engaged in some highly illegal techniques and horrifying tests. Performed on unwitting men and women across Canada and the US.

Methods for mind control would ranged from drugs like LSD to blackmail about sexual activities and even torture.

It was a smorgasbord of zero accountability and inhumane treatment that went unchecked for years. Some may argue that it provided lots of scientific basis for brain patterns under stress. We would argue that it is an indefensible act that caused more suffering than salvation.

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Unit 731 – 1937

If you thought that Concentration Camps and the Soviet Union was bad, just wait until you get a load of Unit 731.

A Japanese biochemical and biological warfare unit that specialized in coming up with new weapons. Weapons that involved unorthodox and completely inhuman forms of warfare that violated the Geneva Convention.

They also used human testing in all forms of the planned weapons. Often leading to consistently high body counts and fatalities for all subjects. Subjects were referred to as ‘logs’ and were treated as sub human.

Perhaps the worst part of it all, is that the US co-opted several of the scientists into their programs following the end of the war.


Nanjing Massacre – 1937

Fair warning ahead of time, if you do not have a strong stomach, probably skip this particular entry. You have been warned.

Still here? Cool, let’s move on ahead.

In 1937 China was engaged in the Second Sino-Japanese War. Japan had successfully captured the then capital of China, Nanjing. Upon taking the city, the residents were experienced to mass murder, rape and horrifying levels of violence.

Worst part of it all, well maybe not the worst, there’s pictures of it. We mean some truly, awful, horrendous images that will be burned into your brain should you see them. We’re not going to leave a link to any images here because we’d rather not stay up all night.


Josef Mengele Human Experimentation

Few human beings alive or prior are as consistently awful and evil as Josef Mengele. From injecting dyes into bloodstreams to see what it would do, to terrible forms of torture on unwitting subjects.

Mengele especially found himself fascinated with twins, and when he was recruit by Adolf Hitler, he could live out his sick fantasies. He would do extremely violent things to one twin in order to see if the other would notice it.

When the war eventually ended, Mengele actually managed to escape from Germany and wound up in South America. Where he lived out the rest of his days, and nobody was the wiser for years and years.

In Summary

Hopefully this didn’t depress you guys too much. Like we said at the beginning, this was meant to be more of an informative kind of scary rather than a jumpscare kind of scary. We’re not huge fans of campfire stories, even if they’re occasionally told well.

Conspiracies are one thing, because you can usually determine if it’s true or not. But sometimes it’s just the mystery of it that makes it scary. Maybe something happened, and maybe nothing happened.

However, when you know that it happened, when you know that photos and videos exist. Something about that makes it so much more terrifying in our opinion.


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