8 BEST Comic Books to Prepare for Rocksteady’s Suicide Squad

With the news that Rocksteady is making a Suicide Squad Game, and WB Montreal Potentially working on a Court of Owls game, time to prepare! It’s no secret that both studios took a lot of inspiration for their games from some of the most popular Batman comics.

Heavy hitters like The Killing Joke, Noel and even No Man’s Land made references in the highly acclaimed series. Now, knowing that we’re straying away from the core Arkham games, what should we expect tonally? What new comics, or classics, should we read to get in the mood for the upcoming games?

Since WB Montreal might still be working on a Batman game (which they should, Arkham Origins was underrated). There will definitely be some Batman recommendations inside of this list! So let’s get started!


Suicide Squad – “Up Against the Wall”

Batman decides to investigate the mysterious Task Force X by getting himself arrested under a false identity. When he finds the information that he needs he finds himself fighting for his life without his usual gadgets and suit.

As he comes up against Amanda Waller, the leader of Task Force X, she corners him with a stalemate. She knows that he’s Batman, and since he didn’t have his suit, she has DNA to back those threats up. It’s a story that has been mildly adapted in episodes of Justice League and Assault on Arkham. Overall, it’s a fun ride that has a few surprises in store. Including a revelation from Deadshot that we think you should read for yourself.


Batman – “Court of the Owls”

One of our personal favorites for so many amazing reasons. Chock full of amazing art, sharp writing, terrifying villains, conspiracies, dark and gritty style and the introduction of our favorite new villain: Talon.

When Batman uncovers a centuries old secret society operating in Gotham, he launches himself into a deep investigation. Who is the Court, how old are they and what do they want with Gotham? Turns out, the Court doesn’t like being investigated and sends the assassin Talon after Batman.

Talon gives Batman his hardest fight since Deathstroke or Bane. He demolishes Batman and solidifies himself as a worthy adversary to the Dark Knight. We cannot recommend this series enough, especially with the rumors that Court of Owls may be WB Montreal’s next game.


“Justice League Vs. Suicide Squad”

Most likely this will be the comic that serves as the basis for the upcoming Rocksteady game. Maxwell Lord takes center stage in this story where the League pits themselves against the Squad.

After the League is defeated, Amanda Waller imprisons them all in Belle Reve. Why? Well, you don’t really know until towards the very end. Lord has been manipulating everything behind the scenes for yet another global takeover scheme.

Honestly, the story is fun and all but the biggest takeaway is the fight between the two groups. It’s fun, hard hitting and full of twists!

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Superman – “What’s So Funny About Truth, Justice and The American Way?”

If you’ve seen the animated film Superman VS The Elite, then you already know why this is on this list as well. One of the biggest critiques about Superman is his boy scout like attitude. Never compromising and ever wavering in his desire to do good.

In this book, Superman is forced to question and compromise as a super group called The Elite begin to become more popular. They kill and murder villains and anti heroes alike, calling it a different brand of justice. So when Superman decides to play their own game, he shows just how terrifying and violent he can be.

While we do prefer the look that the movie gave this story, the comic definitely sells the world a lot better. You really do feel like this is Superman breaking down and compromising. It’s freaking terrifying.


Green Lantern – “Earth One”

Yes, you read that right, this is a Green Lantern comic book. Your eyes are not playing tricks on you. If Ridley Scott made a comic book, it would probably be the Earth One run for Green Lantern.

Main reason we included this one in the list is the feel, art style and tone of the comic. Feeling much more lived in, grimy and dirty than any other Green Lantern comic before it. Which is something that Rocksteady has done impeccably well within the Arkham Verse.

So personally, while it may not necessarily be the story that they are adapting, we have a feeling it will serve some inspiration. Besides, with Rocksteady opening up to new heroes in Suicide Squad, maybe Lantern will show up!


Suicide Squad #51

After losing his suit during an operation in Australia, Floyd Lawton AKA Deadshot hears a distressing rumor. Someone found his suit and is making a new name for the mercenary.

As he tries to hunt down this new threat, it forces Lawton to take stock of his life and the career that he’s built as a hired gun. Deadshot has always been one of the more introspective members of the Suicide Squad. Having a reason for getting out alive, if only to see his daughter one more time.

Even then, it’s rare that Deadshot ever has moments of pure doubt. Desperately clutching at any reason to justify why he does what he does. And that is what made Suicide Squad #51 so freaking compelling.

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Identity Crisis #3

Fair warning, if you don’t have a strong emotional stomach for topics like sexual assault and rape, maybe skip this particular comic book. If you’re able to power through it for the sake of a timely story and epic action, then dive right in.

Identity Crisis starts out pretty dark. Doctor Light, a B level DC Character, sexually assaults Sue Diby. At the time, the wife of Elongated Man. When he realizes what will happen if he’s caught, he hires Deathstroke to protect him from the league.

What follows is probably one of the greatest fights that Deathstroke ever performs. He holds his own and even beats a few of the Justice League members on their own turf. Once he even stands against the combined strength of Green Arrow, Flash, Zatanna, Hawk Man and Green Lantern. He proves how capable and deadly he really is, and how far he’ll go to fulfill his contract.


Superman – “Sacrifice”

A rampaging Superman being mind controlled by an unknown villain is the synopsis for this comic book. As he continues to wreak destruction across the globe, several members of the Justice League try to stop him.

One character in particular, Wonder Woman, manages to beat the Man of Steel by cutting his throat and stopping him just long enough. It’s an epic battle that also looks at the consequences of someone being strong enough to control Superman.

Given that the upcoming game may have a similar ideal, with Superman not being quite himself, might be worth the read!

In Summary

So that’s our picks folks! For the comics that you should read to get yourself into the mindset of the upcoming game reveals at DC FanDome!

Considering Rocksteady’s long and storied history of excellent game design, we have nothing but confidence in the studio. WB Montreal however, should also get some praise for the way that they handled Arkham Origins. Both of the studios proved their ability to handle mature, gritty and compelling stories within the DC Universe. Now that the universe is expanding and the two studios are branching out, it’s time to invest!


Let us know what comics you’d recommend and which ones here are your favorites! Leave a comment and give us your opinion, for more news and lists like this, stay tuned here at Scoophash!