AMAZON UNDER INVESTIGATION - Firing of Staten Island employee starts wildfire

AMAZON UNDER INVESTIGATION – Firing of Staten Island employee starts wildfire

Just yesterday there was a planned walkout at the Amazon Staten Island warehouse. Due to increasing risks being taken by the higher ups and a lack of consideration for employee health. Well, it seems that Amazon’s leaders did not take kindly to that particular threat, and have eliminated the issue.

Chris Smalls, an assistant manager, organized the walkout after numerous complaints were filed against Amazon. Shortages of masks and not making much needed changes despite the dangers. 

Biggest problem that came from this was that the employees weren’t even demanding a full semi permanent closure. Rather they just wanted a temporary closure so that the warehouse could be properly cleaned. This came after multiple reports of employees at the warehouse testing positive for COVID.

Amazon did not even give him the benefit of the wait, as Smalls was fired in the middle of the walkout. 

Despite the apparent mishandling of the situation, Amazon has not made a direct statement. Hot on the heels after Bezos has been scrutinized and criticized for asking for public help with the relief fund, this news does not help.

Smalls has been very vocal about the mistreatment at the hands of the Amazon leadership and has zero plans to stop. He plans to see safety restored to the warehouses and that by the time COVID ends he plans legal action.

What do you make of this? Do you agree with Smalls that things should have been handled better? Or do you think Amazon was well within their rights to terminate him without any notice? Be sure to let us know in the comments and follow us on social media for more updates!