RICHEST MAN ASKS FOR MONEY - Bezos asks for public assistance for Amazon

RICHEST MAN ASKS FOR MONEY – Bezos asks for public assistance for Amazon

Jeff Bezos said some incredibly odd things this last week. After a banner year for Amazon, and selling billions of dollars of stock right before the outbreak. Nonetheless, he’s asking the public to fund the Amazon fixes… Okay.

Jeff Bezos is asking for public monetary assistance... Because...?

Shocking to probably no one, Bezos is now facing quite a bit of backlash for this. After publicising it to the public, opinions and rants are well on their way to his inbox.

Should be noted, Bezos did allow for $25m to be donated off the bat by an eCommerce group. Meaning that there is already that amount in there to go towards certain expenditures. 

“supporting our US-based Delivery Associates employed by Delivery Service Providers, our Amazon Flex Delivery Partners, and Associates working for Integrity Staffing, Adecco Staffing, and RES Staffing, and drivers and support team members of line haul partners under financial distress due to a Covid-19 diagnosis or quarantine.”

Mission statement seems to say it all, but does it really necessitate making it public? Especially after your company reports an annual income of $11bn but pays $0 in federal taxes.

Opinions are running wild

Twitter and Reddit are pretty flush with opinions and annoyances at this time. Twitter in particular has been making themselves heard over their outrage at Bezos’ decision for the relief fund parameters.

Easy to see both sides, but also easy to forget that numerous CEO’s are failing to plan for the economic crisis. Amazon may not be infallible, and Bezos may not have thought this through, but it is better than nothing.

That being said, probably should have planned ahead when you make something like this public. It only serves to hurt you in the long run. But, considering that Amazon is currently making more money than ever before, kind of a moot point right now.

What do you make of Bezos’ plan for relief? Does it make sense to you or are you as outraged as everyone else? Be sure to let us know in the comments section so we can start a dialogue about it! Stay safe, stay indoors and stay tuned!