Andrew Cuomo Announces Relief Effort - New York Governor Shares Economic Plan

Andrew Cuomo Announces Relief Effort – New York Governor Shares Economic Plan

Out of the frying pan…

New York has had a rough go of things lately. With the recent outbreak and being a hub for travel, New York effectively shut down. Now, Cumo announces relief efforts for hospitals and affected businesses.

The details of the relief efforts are pretty lengthy, and pretty in depth. Most of it is going to help hospitals that are in more rural and domesticated areas. Focusing on hospitals that have had an overwhelming amount of cases, or limited staff and couldn’t afford certain things.

Cumo addressed the current state of things as well in his latest conference, going over the apex news. Stating how it was good to see the curve starting to go down, but that vigilance is still paramount.

“We are at a profound moment in this crisis where we are finally passing the apex of the curve, but if we make a bad move now it’s going to set us back. We’re beginning to make plans on how to re-open our economy and start the return to the new normal, but in the meantime we have to ensure our healthcare system and our hospitals that have been so critical in combating this virus have the support they need. The Department of Financial Services is going to issue a directive to health insurers to provide financial and administrative relief to our hospitals so they can continue safely and quickly providing the care that is so desperately needed right now.”

He also addressed the new numbers for active cases, which has continued to trend downwards. Things like social distancing, economy reopenings, businesses etc are starting to see the fruits of their labor. We are in a better place, but we are not out of the woods.

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