CHINA ENDS LOCKDOWNS - Tourists return to China in droves

CHINA ENDS LOCKDOWNS – Tourists return to China in droves

Potentially this can be seen as a great end to a long fought battle for China, or a lot of foreigners not learning the lesson. China ended a large portion of their lock downs as COVID dropped further and further.

And tourists don’t seem to mind one bit in returning back to previously shutdown areas.

Shanghai opened up a lot of their shopping centers and the famous Bund waterfront which was near deserted is seeing traffic. Restaurants are opening back up, shops are seeing business and tourist attractions are reaching capacity. 

Beijing also saw a huge resurgence in foot traffic and business. Bringing the national economy back up and seeing a lot higher morale returning to the people.

While this is all good news and it is wonderful to see China returning to a familiar state, it’s not all sunshine and roses. China recorded over 80,000 cases of COVID, meaning there could be a second wave incoming. Minister for Chinese Disease Control and Prevention, Zeng Guang, had this to say on the matter.

“China is not near the end, but has entered a new stage. With the global epidemic raging, China has not reached the end.”

Vigilance now is just as important. As countries like the US near the apex, we have to be aware that until a vaccine is created, the only way to combat the virus is social distancing.

Mainly because most of us will be asymptomatic carriers who won’t show symptoms. Therefore, we pose a threat to those with weaker immune systems.

Don’t let everything get you down, the world will return to normal. While we may see COVID hanging around longer than we would like, we’ll get through. Just have to power through the apex and help each other as best that we can!