COMIC CON LAWSUIT - Not even the Avengers could save this mess

COMIC CON LAWSUIT – Not even the Avengers could save this mess

Comic Con Boston was cancelled quite a ways back when coronavirus really hit its stride. However, there is quite a monumental update to the story, as one side is accusing the other of theft. Now there’s a Comic Con Lawsuit involved.
GrowTix talking to ACE this week

The event in question was pretty hyped. Mostly due to stars Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston set to attend the event. Whether to get autographs or hear a panel from them, it would’ve been pretty cool.

Ironically enough, the event was completely sold out. Millions of dollars worth of tickets were sold. However, when Coronavirus really started to ramp up, and the event was cancelled, many expected refunds. ACE, one of the services for the events refunds, learned the hard way apparently.

Things certainly escalated lately

GrowTix, the software and company providing the ticket sales, said that the software was not going to work as expected. Ultimately meaning that refunds were either going to be extremely delayed or not forthcoming.

ACE has responded in kind with a lawsuit, citing breach of contract and misconduct as the mitigating factors. 

List in the detailed report of ACE’s complaint were notes and contracts that customers would be receiving full refunds. That they had signed a $680,000 deal with GrowTix in an effort to expedite the refunds within 30 days.

Just wait, oh it gets better. Patron, the parent company of GrowTix, demanded that $680K was not sufficient. Demanding more money for their efforts, and in the middle of the night they tried to withdraw $2million from ACE! 

There’s a lot of stuff happening on both sides of the predicament. ON one hand, ACE did probably undervalue just how much money GrowTix would lose. However, on the other hand, Patron did go about it pretty underhandedly.

Nonetheless, for those affected by this, I hope you see your refunds soon! And I hope that things even out for all this coronavirus nonsense and we can get back to life as we know it for the time being!