DC's cancelled film Justice League: Dark got some awesome concept art courtesy of Houston Sharp

Concept Art from Justice League: Dark Movie Surfaces

Do Not Harm the Green

Between the cancelled Justice League: Mortal from George Miller and now this, we feel slightly cheated by earlier DC movies. To be fair to all involved, Justice League: Dark is still slated to be released at some point, if they ever move past the concept stage. Right now, the original script and screenplay by Guillermo Del Toro has been passed onto Doug Liman, who has since said the film is cancelled. But, since DC hasn’t said anything official, we hold out hope that we may see it someday.

In the years since the announcement of Justice League: Dark, we’ve gotten several awesome animated films featuring the Supernatural heroes. Solidifying the fans demand for a live action outing of the heroes. Not to mention the awesome Constantine show that was sadly cancelled early in its lifetime.

The live action version of Justice League: Dark was reportedly going to star some of the best and brightest of the supernatural heroes. John Constantine, Boston Brand, Zatanna, Etrigan the Demon, Spectre and Swamp Thing.

Speaking of Swamp Thing, the concept artist and storyboard artist of the film, Houston Sharp, has shared some amazing art for Swamp Thing. Showing off the horror elements and intensity that fans would have prayed to be present in the film.


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Another early design for Swamp Thing for Doug Liman’s cancelled Justice League Dark film. #dc #comics #swampthing #justiceleague

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Ent from Lord of the Rings and something straight from Blair Witch

In Sharp’s version of Swamp Thing, he was going to be able to grow himself much larger and appear much more menacing. Appearing as this massive hulking entity that’s somewhere between an Ent from Lord of the Rings and something straight from Blair Witch. With some Ritual thrown in for good measure. Frankly, it looks freaking awesome!

We would kill to see Houston Sharp’s version of Swamp Thing on the big screen. Especially alongside heavy hitters like Constantine, Zatanna and Etrigan, it would’ve been so cool to see this come to life.

Swamp Thing has also just had a lot of bad luck with TV and movies over the last few years. Even though the comic series from Alan Moore is critically acclaimed as some of the best comic writing in the last twenty years. And his animated outings have been some DC animation’s best so far, but live action just has not happened.

Which also sucks because the DC Universe outing of Swamp Thing showed so much promise and potential. With seriously awesome uses of practical effects, some killer art design, a haunting atmosphere and sharp writing. It could very well have been one of the best Superhero TV shows out there, right up there with Daredevil and Arrow Season 2.

There is still a possibility that we’ll see a live action version of Swamp Thing make a return. J.J. Abrams and Ben Stephenson are currently working on a Justice League: Dark series for HBO Max. While they have yet to announce casting or the featured heroes, we can hope that Houston Sharp plays some influence on Swamp Thing if they use him.


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