Donald Trump Supports Tesla/Elon Musk in Tesla Factory Dispute

Donald Trump Supports Tesla/Elon Musk in Tesla Factory Dispute

Tesla and Elon Musk are in a very precarious position right now. After numerous warnings and confrontations, the car manufacturer went ahead and reopened. Now things have taken another notch as President Donald Trump has come forward in support of the automotive manufacturer.

For those who are unaware of what happened between Tesla and California, here’s a brief rundown.

Earlier in March 2020, Tesla had to shut down both its Shanghai and its Fremont factories. This put Tesla production at 0% for a few weeks, so Tesla began working on reopening plans. As their Shanghai Factory reopening got delayed, they turned their eyes and efforts towards Fremont.

However, as they would soon learn, Fremont was not determined to play nice and would keep changing the finish line. After days of inactivity and no responses to emails or requests, Tesla began working on reopening the factory.

Things got out of hand quickly

Local authorities from Fremont and Alameda County came in and shut the factory back down citing unsafe environments. Tesla and CEO Elon Musk did not take that kindly and began telling workers to ignore Fremont.

When authorities began to threaten Tesla, they fired back with a lawsuit that is still ongoing. Elon Musk eventually forced a reopening and told workers to head back to the factory and follow the new guidelines.

Musk has been extremely critical of the shutdowns and has made his voice heard when it comes to his opinions. He’s been citing that the Shelter-in-Place orders are a violation of freedom.

Even though Trump is publicly endorsing for Tesla to be allowed to reopen, words are cheap and action is expensive.


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