Healthcare Workers Stare Down Protest in Denver

Healthcare Workers Stare Down Protest in Denver

People who appear to be healthcare workers blocked a group of protestors in Denver this weekend, outside of the city’s capitol.

The viral photos of the event show the counter-protestors, donned in teal scrubs and matching masks, standing in front of a growing group of protestors and motorists. The photos were taken by photojournalist, Alyson McClaran, who posted them to Facebook, where they went viral.

The protestors gathered on an avenue leading to the capitol, with cars lining the streets, honking loudly. The group then circled the capitol building to protest the current stay-at-home orders that are in place to help stop the spread of the coronavirus. Many of them waved American flags and held signs that said “End the Virus, Not the Economy” and “We need stability to stay healthy”. Many also bore support for President Trump, who has been calling for a fast restart to the nation’s economy. There were more who spoke against Governor Jared Polis, whose decisions were what halted many businesses and jobs during the pandemic.

Colorado joins a list of states who have protested the lockdowns that have been put in place. States such as Utah, Idaho, and Pennsylvania have all had, or will have, their own protests.

Many states have begun to unveil plans to re-open their businesses, with Trump stating he wants to start easing country-wide restrictions by May 1st.

One thing is for sure, everything must be done carefully, or else it was all for nothing.
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