House Speaker, Jose Oliva, Call for the End of the Pandemic

House Speaker, Jose Oliva, Call for the End of the Pandemic

Jose Oliva, a House Speaker from Florida, believes that the state is ready to move on from the coronavirus pandemic.

Oliva sent a COVID-19 update email on Saturday, in which he offered the latest evidence for why this is the case, as the state passed 30,000 confirmed cases and 4,800 hospitalizations.

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The email linked to an article called “The Pandemic Is Over”. Many hot quotes fill up this article, which line up with Oliva’s views and opinions on the matter. Written by George Gilder, the article asks that we “end the economic suicide, and get back to work.”

Oliva has long been an opponent of the lockdown and stay-at-home orders, many of which have resulted in job losses and economic downfall. He even went so far as to go on Twitter to ask: “At what point is the cure worse than the virus?”

His observations on the financial and economic complications that are now present because of the lockdowns are not wrong, but we do have to question his views of finances in comparison to human lives. Social distancing and other measures have proven to be helping blunt the spread of the virus, which is a very important thing.

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