MISSION IMPOSSIBLE STILL DELAYED - Simon Pegg speaks out on the issue

MISSION IMPOSSIBLE STILL DELAYED – Simon Pegg speaks out on the issue

Amidst several movie delays due to public safety concerns, several movies have opted to delay filming or delay releases in a concentrated effort. Among those was the next Mission Impossible, and now Simon Pegg has given some clarification on what exactly this delay will entail for the movie.

Delay after delay, it seems to be the new status quo for films this year. 

After news that MGM would be delaying the new James Bond film, No Time to Die, many assumed more would follow. However, Disney has not halted any productions and remains full steam ahead on releases. 

Another group that did end up delaying due to coronavirus concerns, was the crew for Mission Impossible 7. Tom Cruise and director Christopher McQuarrie were shooting scenes in Italy when the COVID outbreak halted shoots.

We finally have some personal insight to the issue thanks to Cruise’s co-star, Simon Pegg.

“We’ll get back to it when the time is right and everyone’s really excited. It’s a setback, but it’s a necessary one to make sure that everyone is safe and not contribute to the ongoing crisis. Whenever we’re back at it, I’m ready to go. It’s going to be fun.”

Simon Pegg, Cinemablend

All of this comes at the news that things are not that great in Italy at the moment. After four hundred plus reported deaths due to COVID, and increasing amounts of infections. Italian ministry officials have urged people to avoid travel and stay home until further notice. 

Mission Impossible movies have been on a steady incline in quality since Ghost Protocol a few years back. Simon Pegg has been a long time co-star in the franchise.

While filming may be delayed, there are plenty of reasons to be excited for the upcoming film. McQuarrie has been vocal about three crazy things they’re gonna try in terms of stunts. And if the track record of his previous outings with the franchise is any indication, we’re in for a wild ride!

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