NASA is Teaming Up with Tom Cruise/Elon Musk for ISS Movie

NASA is Teaming Up with Tom Cruise/Elon Musk for ISS Movie

To the Stars, Mr. Cruise!

NASA is one of the world’s leading premiers in space exploration and scientific studies. And, after the news that Tom Cruise wants to film a movie in actual freaking space, NASA jumped at the opportunity.

After the news that the prolific actor would be teaming up with Elon Musk for the project, they still needed a location. Guess they found it, because it’s going to be filmed on location at the International Space Station.

For the first time in Hollywood history, a film is going to be set in actual space on board the actual ISS. That is beyond cool in our opinion.

Dude, come on? Actually getting to be sent to the ISS for a SciFi movie is every nerd’s dream! That sounds like something that we’d watch regardless of what the outcome is!

Details are pretty sparse on what exactly the film is going to be about. Or, if it will be a standalone experience. Nonetheless, we’re pretty excited to learn more about what exactly is going to be the process and end result!


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