Netflix is Pushing to Have Africa as a new Entertainment Hub for Content

Netflix is Pushing to Have Africa as a new Entertainment Hub for Content

Netflix is creating a hub in Africa for new original content

Netflix has certainly been in a weird place over the last year. With some record low viewership counts, and then some record breaking shows like The Witcher coming in for the rescue. Now, we see Netflix pushing more internationally.

While the company has been producing International content for a while, it’s footprint in Africa has been minimal. They seem to be aiming to change that this year.

Netflix originals in particular are what is seeming to be changing for the company. As they want a broader stroke of content not only for potential filmmakers but viewers as well.

Over the last week, several Netflix executives have been traveling across Africa recruiting filmmakers. Part of the process for creating a new hub it would seem. Dorothy Ghettuba, Head of African Originals for Netflix, has been pioneering the charge to bring more African originals.

Very recently in fact, Netflix produced and released the very first African Original on their network. The series titled ‘Queen Sono’ saw a great push towards this original content, and with some solid reviews it looks like a good call.

This spearheaded effort by both the Network executives and Ghettuba show a great change in diversity for Netflix. Not to say there hasn’t been a lot of diversity and international films for Netflix, but to see a push for a greater palate is wonderful!