Ontario Plans to Hold Off Economy Reopening - Doug Ford shares plans

Ontario Plans to Hold Off Economy Reopening – Doug Ford shares plans

Facing mounting pressure from the population, Ontario made a controversial decision. People around Canada are just now starting to face some rather strict lockdowns as plans were put in place by Trudeau’s administration. Ontario in particular has been hit pretty hard, and people want to know when they can get back to work.

Unfortunately, Ontario’s leading Government Senator Doug Ford said that they could not provide a timetable for reopening.

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Despite businesses pressuring political leaders to act more quickly, leaders have been citing safety rhetoric right back. Saying that things need to be taken carefully and slowly, otherwise it could come back worse than before.

Worse or not, the pressure is mounting

With numbers dwindling in places like South Korea, parts of the US and Europe, pressure has increased. Prompting Canadian Prime Minister Just Trudeau to say this on the matter:

“I have confidence every province is taking very seriously this responsibility to be careful because nobody wants to have gone through all this for nothing.”

Even though Trudeau has been a relative voice of reason among the crisis, many have criticized his efficiency. Stimulus bills and relief efforts are underway in Canada, but if the economy stays closed, it’s a moot point.

Hopefully things will begin to trend downward for Canada as the novel coronavirus starts to slow it’s apex. Time will be the deciding factor for much of the country’s provinces.

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