Overcome Anxiety/Depression After a Heart Attack - 3 tips for staying healthy

Overcome Anxiety/Depression After a Heart Attack – 3 tips for staying healthy

Despite a lower rate in heart attacks and strokes during this recent pandemic, many are struggling to overcome their anxiety and depression. When that feeling is compounded by a near death experience like a heart attack, it becomes a whole different animal.

There are only a few tried and true ways to really approach this reality. Most things are not necessarily medical, but more social.

Talk to People, Friends and Family

This point cannot be stressed enough if you’re suffering from anxiety, had a stroke or just need social support. Reach out to people, talk them through what is going on in your head and just get it all out in the open.

Do not treat them like they’re your therapist, because not everyone will have advice. Not everyone is going to completely understand any of your thought process, but just talking about it goes a long way.

Reduce Your Stress as Much as Possible

This may seem like it is a little on the nose but it is extremely important to consider. Reduce as much things in your life as you possibly can that cause you stress.

Hate doing lawn work? Hire a neighbor’s kid. Dislike the news? Take up watching a new drama show. Like I said, this may seem like something that people take for granted, and that is the biggest problem with it.

Routine Never Hurt Anyone

Let’s say that reducing stress and talking to friends are things that you do not particularly excel at. There isn’t anything wrong with that, so you know what one of your best friends is gonna become? Routine.

Establish a consistent track record. Take on some new hobbies and see what fits in best for establishing a routine. Routine will help you re-acclimate and attempt to bring back normalcy!


These things may seem ultimately obvious, but that is kinda the point to it all. A lot of people look outwards for some extenuating complicated medical answer, and the truth is that just existing is the answer sometimes.

Just knowing that there is an established routine and people to talk to can be some of the biggest ways that people overcome anxiety and depression. But not everything works the same way for everyone, so find what works for you!


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