Robert Pattinson is Losing His Mind in Isolation… Or is He?

For somebody who played a mentally unhinged guy in The Lighthouse, this is weird. Robert Pattinson is a super talented dude, and apparently he does not like Isolation all that much.

Recently the actor known for his work on projects like Lighthouse and Twilight Saga, gave some interesting updates.

So the actor essentially believes that he has a genius idea for tapping into the fast food market. I mean, fair enough, when you got millions to burn, you might as well try some new things out, right? So he needs a proof of concept for his idea, and his idea for it goes pretty awry.
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He makes some pasta, wraps it in tinfoil annnnnd proceeds to microwave the tinfoil wrapped pasta. Which most everyone in the world can tell you, that’s a horrible idea and is a massive fire risk.

Look we’ll be the first to admit it, there’s a lot of reasons to not put metal into a microwave. But, who knows, maybe Pattinson has just never used his microwave before and doesn’t know the basic tenets of using it… Get it? Because he’s in Nolan’s upcoming movie called Tenet? No? Okay.

Hopefully Pattinson doesn’t burn his house down on his second try for his pasta empire. Not only because we really want to see Pattinson’s Batman film, but we need more pasta options in this world. So we need this to be a success.


For more updates on Pattinson and his attempts to make pasta, stay tuned here at Scoophash!